8 Money-Saving Tips for Brides on Destination Wedding in Dubai

Planning a destination wedding brings with it a baggage of expenses. This is especially true if you’ve opted onto the bandwagon of tying the knot in Dubai. Yes, this beautiful destination will make your wedding memorable but let’s not forget about the hefty price tag that comes along.

From the gorgeous sunny weather and stunning man-made architecture to the luxurious shopping destinations, Dubai undoubtedly has it all.

Keeping the glitz and glamour side apart, when you’re the bride, there’s a lot more you need to worry about.

A wedding comprises of numerous aspects. Be it your wardrobe and styling to catering and entertainment, the list of details is endless. Just when you thought staying in a budget while having the fairytale wedding of your dreams is impossible, we’ve got some great news for you.

With our fabulous 5 tips, we’ll make sure every bride can have it all, at a fraction of a cost. Trust us when we say, saving money in Dubai wedding has never been easier for brides.

Shop Your Perfect Bridal Wear online

Wardrobe shopping for the big day is ultimately the toughest and most costly part of any bride’s journey to the altar. With all eyes on the bride, her gown has to be nothing short of stunning. It is not easy to get the most exclusive bridal designer wear while residing in Dubai. Most conventional retail stores provide collections with skyrocketing price ranges. And there’s nothing worse than having to compromise on your gown. So why not shop online? There are reliable online stores such as Perfection Bridal that provide clients with high quality and affordable bridal dresses in Dubai. You’re not only exposed to a plethora of fascinating fashionable wedding attire, but you’re also bound to be saving up on cash big time.

Most physical stores charge clients with hidden costs indirectly. This can range from shop rental and décor to staff wages and utilities. Online stores don’t come with that extra baggage and hassle.

Not to mention the luxury convenience of shopping at home and great savings you can indulge upon by avoiding travel expenses through online shopping. What more can a Dubai bride ask for?

Get the Right Type of Networking

Having the right type of contacts when you’re a Dubai bride can really turn things around. You need to know who the best is and how you can contact them for your big day.

The owners of most modern unconventional wedding stores usually have the best connections. This includes the crème de la crème of the fashion industry, the most renowned photographers and videographers, caterers, florists, etc. You name it and they’ve got it.

With the right type of networking, you can get your event covered, designed and styled in a fabulous manner at discounted prices. Feel free to contact the owner of one of Dubai’s leading online bridal fashion houses for that expert advice at Perfection Bridal Dubai.


Check for Discounts and Shop during Off-season

When planning a huge event such as a Dubai destination wedding, you should aim for all the discounts you can get. This is especially true when it comes to bridal wear.

A great tip to remember is to check online stores for discounts related to off-season collections. There’s no surprise that the more latest the collection is, the pricier it will be. So how about saving money by making your bridal wear selection from an older collection?

Since most online stores renew their stocks on a more frequent basis than conventional stores, the chances of you getting what you want at a cheaper price are undoubtedly high. It’s all about shopping and saving the smart way!


Bargain, Negotiate, Repeat!

Ask, and get higher chances of receiving it. Negotiate won’t hurt if you just ask for a free honeymoon suite upgrade, or a room with ocean view, or a discount on group airline fare, or free décor with the venue –the list goes on! You can save a lot of money by just negotiating with your vendors.

Look Out for New Talent

Believe it or not, there are a number of people out there, especially fresh talents, waiting to be explored. Many startups would love to provide entertainment for your wedding.

For hair and makeup in cheaper prices, look out for some new sensations on social media websites, Instagram in particular. You never know whose work you might fall in love with and guess what, they’re bound to be cheaper than the renowned professionals.

They would be more than willing to offer big discounts to clients such as you or even do the job for free. In order to get them discovered across a room full of audience members, they would perform their best.


Make Smart Decisions

You need to stay active and make smart decisions if you’re planning on cutting down on costs for your Dubai wedding. Don’t leave everything to your wedding planner. Go out and visit the market for some great bargains. Every inch of hard work will be worth it in the long term.

Some great places to look out for include Dragon Mall 1 and 2 in Dubai. This location has a number of inspiring decoration design stores. Pick the best, jot down ideas and bargain all the way. You can also consider renting some decorations or even buying pre-loved ones (used once for couple of hours and as a rule in perfect as new condition) – there are plenty of groups and offers on social media, especially on Facebook.


Bring Your Wedding Music and Photography Squad from Abroad

How about flying in the DJ, Saxophonist, videographer, and photographer from abroad? Some of these people would love to be a part of your wedding and would even do the job for free as long as you’re taking care of their tickets and hotel accommodation. Who wouldn’t accept a free vacation and that too in the land of the Emirates? Make sure you book those tickets early to avoid those peak season high airfares.


DIY Wedding

If you’ve got the time and that creative hidden talent in you, why not incorporate some DIY into your weddings. You can save up thousands on thank you cards, wedding favours, wedding card invitations and ceremony programs. Keeping the ever increasing prices in mind, almost all brides in Dubai are on a tight budget. So go the do-it-yourself way and wow guests with your creativity.


You can wave your worries goodbye by having a fabulous destination wedding without compromising on style. All it takes is some meticulous planning, smart choices and these fascinating tips to help you get up and ready for the ultimate budget-friendly Dubai wedding.


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