Pantone Colour Wedding: Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is the colour of the year. Hear, hear beautiful brides!

It is that dramatic and provocative shade of purple which is thoughtful and communicates visionary thinking, ingenuity, and originality. This colour is the need of the time as we require imagination and inventiveness on your wedding day. We will show you how to do a full Pantone colour wedding or incorporate some of the shades of it into your big day.

Bridal Bouquet

Hints of ultraviolet can be added on your wedding day by choosing some of your wedding bouquet flowers in this colour. This is an easy way to incorporate this stunning shade in your party. You can also go with adding this shade in groom’s boutonniere or by using it in bridesmaids’ petals.

Flower Décor

Incorporate this luminous purple shade by adding it to your flower arrangements. Couple it with pink, green, fuchsia, purple, red, lilac or white to pop your wedding décor or flower arrangements on the table. Pantone wedding colours add depth and a fresh look in the overall décor. The invitation cards can also be printed on the different shades of violet. You can use purple colour in tableware or glassware too. It is also safe to add this colour to your wedding arch decor. This will take it to next level.

Bridesmaids Dresses

If you wish to incorporate ultraviolet on your wedding day, get your bridesmaids dresses in this Pantone colour. Some of the designer wedding dresses and luxury wedding dresses in Dubai come in this exquisite colour. Let your bridesmaids wear this shade in different silhouettes. You can also add this colour to the accessories of your bridesmaids to accentuate the effect. Many short evening dresses look awesome in this gorgeous shade of purple.

Bridal Look

The electrifying purple is not everyone’s choice on the big day and most of the brides in Dubai want to go with white colour. However, if you are one of those bold brides who want to make a statement on their wedding then this colour is the right choice for you. The huge range of purple colour shades easily suits every type of complexion and looks elegant on every body type. If you wish to go with white, even then add shades of purple in eyeshadows, lips or nails. You can also add fresh flowers in wedding hairstyle. Purple looks so pleasing to eyes whether you add it in headpiece, jewellery or garter.

Wedding Shoes

Who would say no to purple designer pumps? This colour is so tantalising that all you need is to add a little bit of it and it will do wonders.

Grooms Outfit

Ultraviolet always looks super glamorous when incorporated in the groom’s outfit. The tie is the best option to add a purple colour to. Grooms can also do with ultraviolet handkerchief and boutonniere.

We at Perfection Bridal have a selection of beautiful wedding and evening dresses of various designs. We will also help you pair it with beautiful accessories. Contact us to know more.

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