A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress Fabrics by Season

When planning a wedding, exactly when you think you’ve covered every single detail and thought of every single thing that might ruin your big day, you realize that you didn’t think of one very important detail: The fabric you choose for your wedding dress.


No matter when you’re getting married or what you want in a gown, we at Perfection bridal Dubai know that you probably want it to be as comfortable and easy to manage as possible. Imagine wearing a thin chiffon dress in the middle of a beautiful winter day as snow falls around you or a Brocade gown on a hot summers day. That means you need to have a better understanding of what kind of fabrics suit the season and location of your wedding and we’re here to help!

Spring/Summer Wedding

With temperatures flaring towards extremes, spring/summer weddings call for wedding dress fabrics that are lightweight and airy in nature as well as flowy, soft and oh so comfortable when it comes to silhouette design. It’s best to consider options that are not heavily embellished as the weather and gown can really put you down. Softer and more subtle gowns are a big Yes this season.


Rayon – composed of a stunning mix of materials, rayon is fabulous as a wedding dress fabric for spring/summer weddings. Its lightweight design gives brides the freedom to flaunt in style all evening long.


Chiffon – Considered by many to be the lightest of them all, this seamless wedding gown fabric can be used to give brides an ethereal vibe second to none. Used either as an overlay, layering detail on gowns or simply as a means to accent the gown as a whole, playing with chiffon is a safe bet for spring/summer brides.


Georgette – The crepe detailing that comes with this beautiful wedding dress fabric makes brides fall in love at first sight. The sheer and subtle nature, alongside the soft silhouette portrayal, gives brides the ultimate form of detailing as a top layer in this type of weather.

Autumn/Winter Wedding

Weddings that tend to take place during the cooler times of the year allow Dubai brides to experiment with fabrics galore. We recommend silhouettes that comprise of structured A-line gowns and the ever so popular Ball gown. This is the season to opt for heavier embellishments, something fancier perhaps.


Brocade – The wedding dress fabric brocade has the epitome of luxury written all over it. It’s a heavy and dense material that can be utilized well during the autumn/winter season. The overall appeal as a bridal is timeless elegance.


Taffeta – Wedding fabrics like these are what dreams are made of. Its crisp texture yet smooth finishing can help make any Dubai bridal skirt seem absolutely lovely during this season.


Damask – Damask is very close to brocade, except being a lighter option. The dull jacquard pattern is usually in the same hue as the fabric, giving you endless design opportunities to work your creativity into.


Velvet – Winter weddings and velvet bridals go hand in hand. Dubai brides opting for royal vibes should surely experiment with this number.

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