Dubai Weddings: How Cultural Inspirations Can Take Your Wedding to a Whole New Level

Having a wedding full of exciting, vibrant and full-on stunning elements is a dream every bride-to-be foresees and Dubai brides are no exception.

It’s all about creating distinct memories that you and your guests can enjoy. Something out of the ordinary, a chance to witness a diverse array of ideas and innovations inspired from around the globe. After all, weddings do happen once in a lifetime.

Every culture of the world brings with it a plethora of breathtaking customs and traditions. From awe-inspiring attires and state of the art jewellery to redefine wedding rituals done right, there are so many elements a bride of today can borrow from the world’s distinct cultures.

To help brides from Dubai take their weddings to a whole new level of unique fantasy and surreal beauty, Perfection Bridal has got you covered with a marvellous array of cultural inspiration that you can borrow for your wedding day.

The Arabian Zaffa for the Bride Entrance

What better way for a bride to make her entrance than in sheer regal royalty. The Arabian Zaffa is the name given to a procession of musical dancers, roaring drums, flaming swords and other over the top elements that are sure to leave wedding guests in awe. It’s all about celebrating the wedding in style and Zaffa is surely the way to do it this season.


The Exotic Henna hands inspired by the Arabian Gulf and South East Asian region

The application of henna, also known as mehendi in the Arabian as well as the South East Asian cultures holds a special significance during the wedding season. It symbolizes a moment of celebration for both the bride’s family as well as the groom’s.

The bride is adorned with intricate henna in breathtaking designs that extend from the arms to the hands. Many brides also opt to get their feet adorned with the art of henna. The bridal overall look is termed complete when henna has been applied alongside the wedding dress, jewellery, and other ornaments.

Bridal Headpiece from Egypt

The Egyptian culture is full of great innovation with brides adorning inspiring fashionable trends left and right. One unique custom is the bride’s headpiece worn as a symbol of celebration.

The headpiece can be adorned with perfection and finesse with the use of jewels. It’s a look fit for a queen and with bold eye makeup, brides are sure to catch heads turning the right way this wedding season.


The entertaining Dabke dance from the Levantine

The Dabke dance is considered as an ancient traditional dance of the Levantine culture. Dating back centuries ago, the dance is filled with rich heritage and history.

You’ll find most Palestinian weddings equipped with lots of entertainment courtesy of this dance. Some common steps that make up this Dabke dance include stomping of the feet and jumping to the beat of the loud celebratory music.

Adding the Dabke dance is a wonderful way to allow guests to be entertained as well as to take part in the wedding festivities with increased vigor and determination. It’s a moment of cheer, high spirits and exchanging of smiles all around.

Traditional Moroccan Hammam Ritual

Morocco’s wedding culture comprises of unique and intriguing customs worth getting inspiration from. One such example of this fabulous notion is the tradition Moroccan Hammam (bath).

This elaborate custom comprises of the bride taking part in a bath right before the wedding event. It acts as a means of undergoing the process of purification as well as beautification of the bride.

The ingredient for the bath is a milk-like substance and the bath is supervised by the bride’s female attendants who are also known as Negaffa. These include the bride’s female friends and relatives who are older in age and married in status.

Once the Hammam ritual is over, Negaffa work to adorn the bride into her stunning white kaftan dress and then deck her up using jewelled ornaments and dark kohl makeup on the eyes.

The Unity Candle Ceremony tradition in Filipino and European culture

Filipino wedding culture revolves around a very intimate affair involving close relatives and loved ones of the bride and groom. Amongst the unique traditions and rituals offered by the Filipino culture, the unity candle lighting ceremony is an inspiring notion.

Candles in this ceremony symbolize the couple’s new beginning or new life, similar to their lighting at birth. One large candle followed by two smaller ones represents a celebration of a new family, a bond of two families uniting as one and the blending of love that these two sides share for one another.

Since it is the light of the candle that acts as a guide for their new start together, many couples opt for their mother and father to light all the candles with due regard to this ritual. The light of the candle will guide the couple through their journey in this world.

Russia’s Unique Ritual of paying Ransom for the Bride

Russian weddings are unique in all aspects. Some last for one to two days, while others carry on with their celebrations for almost a week in total. A common ritual seen at most traditional Russian weddings is known as Vykup Nevesty.

This ritual is played out in a classic form of comics where the audience is entertained to great levels. It revolves around the groom arriving at the bride’s home and giving a gift like a drink such as vodka. In return, the bride’s parents bring out a character dressed as a bride in a veil, who is obviously not the real bride.

Once the groom unveils the bride and realizes that he has been granted someone else, he must offer a higher ransom to the bride’s parents for his real bride.


Unique traditions from the Indian/Pakistani culture

Pakistani weddings are all about colour, vibrancy and are full of fun. With a fantastic festive atmosphere in the air, there are a great many traditions brides of today can be inspired by.

One such tradition is the hiding of the groom’s shoes by the bride’s cousins and siblings, in return for a ransom offered by the groom. It’s a wonderful form of entertainment as the groom searches for his shoes and in the end, must comprise by paying the bride’s side a sum of cash in return for his shoes.

Another wonderful tradition is the passing out of wedding favours or Bidh by the groom’s side after the Nikkah or wedding requirements are fulfilled. The favours comprise of delicacies such as dried fruit, nuts and chocolates, packed in stunning festive boxes. It’s a moment of celebration for both sides that the couple has agreed to accept one another for marriage.


As can be seen from above, every culture in the world celebrates weddings in their own innovative and inspiring manner. Brides can use this inspiration to make their wedding day a treat for guests and an unforgettable moment to cherish for themselves.


Let us know in the comments below about your culture’s unique wedding traditions!


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